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Official Dispute Example: Beau Dispute


Jun 14, 2021
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Username of person you’re reporting: @Beau 🔴 This is the username of the member or party's account in which you are reporting on MCOutlet.

Reported user’s aliases:
@Beau 🔴 This field should contain all the aliases of the person or party being disputed.

Link to MCOutlet member(s) page: 🔴 In case the defendant's username changes, this field should contain the MCOutlet profile link of the defendant. The link should contain the full user ID.

Your aliases:
Yourself/Party 🔴 These are your aliases along with those in the selected party. Please note this can also be a business name.

Trade Details:

Initial Interaction Date:
Jun 14, 2021 🔴 The date in which you and your party first interacted with the user relating to this trade.

Initial Transaction Date: Jun 15, 2021 🔴 The date which the first assets were transferred.

Initial Problem Date: Jun 20, 2021 🔴 The date in which a problem was first noticed.

Disputed Product/Amount/Content: I lost a total of ten ($10.00) United States dollars through PayPal. I also lost access to the cool perks of MCOUTLET.CO "Royal" rank. Both assets have been disputed. 🔴 This should include what you and your party have lost and gained.

Dispute Type: Product Not as Described 🔴 The options of the type of dispute this is are below.


@Beau advertised that they were selling a rank upgrade on, which he then said comes with cool perks. After discussing the trade and the services I would receive, we agreed upon this deal. The total price for this rank upgrade would be $10.00 usd. I sent the funds on Jun 15, 2021 and waited for a response from @Beau. They then stated that the rank would be applied by Jun 17, 2020, however I have yet to receive the rank.
🔴 Clearly state what occurred leading up to this dispute.


Other individuals who witnessed this occur:

@Void 🔴 If possible, supply the MCOutlet member(s) who witnessed this occur.

Textual Evidence:

Discord Logs:
[6/14/2021 14:24 PM] Beau: I'll offer you the account upgrade "Royal" for $10.00 USD. It will have access an exclusive name color, and other cool perks.
[6/14/2021 1:15:12 PM] You: Sounds like a deal!
[6/15/2021 1:15:54 PM] Beau: [email protected]
[6/15/2021 1:18:12 PM] You: Sent!
[6/15/2021 1:20:46 PM] Beau: Thanks, the rank has been applied! I'll start on the banner and it'll be done by the 9th.
[6/15/2020 1:21:03 PM] You: Alright.
[6/15/2021 4:39:19 PM] You: Done?
[6/15/2021 8:37:48 PM] You: Hello? 🔴 Supply evidence to back up the scenario.

I hereby confirm that information present is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
🔴 A mandatory agreement publicly displayed. This will force the plaintiff to confirm that the information provided within the form is accurate to the best of their knowledge and ability.
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